How to Master a Mindful Way of BE-ing in Just a Few Minutes a Day!

Experience more meaningful moments with the people you value most, by cultivating the skills to JustBE— more calm, present and connected.


What you will get from reading this book:

Nikki’s Guidebook demystifies how to effectively offer and practice mindfulness, so you can capture more moments of connection with the people and things you care about the most.

Learn how to effortlessly share JustBE mindfulness practices with kids giving you simple steps to create a mindful home or classroom.

Experience the benefits of JustBE-ing while sharing these practices, and feel a sense of calm focused awareness in your mind and body.

Self-compassion, Clear Thinking, Creativity and Joy

A few words about the author

Nikki Levine, M.A.

Nikki has a Master’s in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University - a contemplative university where mindfulness/awareness meditation was at the center of her training. With the wisdom of a longtime meditator and mindfulness teacher, alongside the compassion of an experienced mother of two teen girls; Nikki’s Guidebook offers experiential practices that help kids, parents and teachers develop emotional intelligence and self-regulating skills, leading them towards a healthy, balanced, joyous life.

What they say?

“Nikki’s book is a wonderful collection of simple yet profound mindfulness practices that are as enjoyable to teach as they are to learn. Unlike many mindfulness workbooks, which cause the kids in our lives to roll their eyes and reach for their smartphones, JustBE is an effective invitation to explore the magic of slowing down and the power of curiosity. With her no-nonsense wise and deeply caring approach, Nikki has invented the Swiss Army pocket knife of mindfulness practice, providing you with a tool for every occasion.

Jean-Jacques Joris, MA, JD, LPC

Twin Oaks Farm, Center for Mindfulness-Based Equine- Facilitated Counseling and Learning, Longmont, Colorado

“Nikki Levine has created a joyful guide to the practice of mindfulness for humans of all ages. She demystifies techniques that are so critical for modern times, and that can liberate us from the chaos of a world filled with stimulation and inundation. I’ve taught many patients who experience anxiety to use the “Handjam” and they’ve found it to be a reliable tool to derail non-productive thinking. Nikki incorporates her knowledge, experience and humor to create an irresistible invitation to use the wisdom found in nature, ancient texts and modern research”

Rachel Workman, MD

Children’s Hospital Colorado


This Guidebook helps you connect in to your own wise heart and mind.